Waldstein Prelude

Date of Composition: 1998

PROGRAM NOTES: The Waldstein Prelude was composed as an introduction to the first movement (Allegro con brio) of Beethoven’s great Waldstein Sonata, mirroring the slow introduction Beethoven provided for the last movement.  Many of the motives in the Prelude – with variations, extensions and new material added – are taken from Beethoven’s own slow introduction.

The Waldstein Prelude may be performed as a separate, detached comment on the Waldstein Sonata, or as a true Introduction appended to the first movement.  If the later option is chosen, the pianist must proceed from the Prelude directly to the first movement of the Sonata (no interruptive applause), in which case the work may be listed in the program as follows:

Waldstein Sonata, op. 53……………………..Ludwig van Beethoven

Introduction: Adagio espressivo (composed by James Sellars, 1998)

I     Allegro con brio

II    Introduzione: Adagio molto – Rondo: Allegretto moderato

 -James Sellars