Aposiopeses (Baritone)

Audentes Fortuna Juvat (from "The Turing Opera")

Central Park (Soprano/Tenor)

Chorale (Soprano/Tenor)

Chris’s Hymn (Medium/Low Voice)

Dear Kjell (from "The Turing Opera")

Early Songs-Love Song (Medium Voice)

Early Songs-Mad Trip (Medium Voice)

El Amor Brujo (Baritone/Bass-Baritone)

Fatal Interview (Soprano)

Five Songs On Poems By Guillaume Apollinaire (Medium Voice)

The Modern Magic of Chemistry (Vocal Quartet)

To Tom and Charlie (A Song for Charlie) (Baritone/Bass-Baritone)

Rimbaud à Verlaine (Baritone)

the shrouded stranger (Any Voice, best suited for Baritone)

Two American Songs (Soprano or Tenor)

Two Songs on Poems by William Blake (Medium Voice)

Vous souvenez-vous (Baritone)